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2TravelDads Podcast

2TravelDads Podcast

That’s right! We’ve got a podcast in addition to the blog! The 2TravelDads Podcast is our fun way to share both our tips and fun stories from our travels. We mix in our personal thoughts and funny moments.

Below you’ll find links to our show notes, options for downloading podcast episodes from your favorite hub, and even information for being a part of the 2TravelDads podcast.

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Podcasts about Maine

If you didn’t know, we love Maine and I actually have started another website with my Maine friends all about the state. It’s beautiful and very unique, from lobster culture to epic, iconic lighthouses. We’ve got quite a few podcast episodes in works, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, don’t worry. There’s probably another episode coming soon. And please check out our sister site,!

Visiting Maine in Winter - great food & surprising fun


Maine Winter Road trip w/ skiing, art and lighthouses

Hawaii Podcast Episodes

We love to talk about Hawaii. It’s such a unique destination and fun adventure. And because it’s such a trek to get there (and it’s pretty costly), it’s important to plan your trip well and to get the best experience possible out of it.

Check out our Hawaii Podcast Episodes!

Yellowstone Podcast Episodes

If there’s one destination we will never tire of and that always thrills the kids it’s Yellowstone National Park. As a family we’ve been there five times and personally I’ve been twelve times. I love it. Our Yellowstone podcast episodes are all just what you need to plan a trip to Yellowstone, including itineraries and digging into the best geysers and wildlife.

Check out our Yellowstone National Park hub!

Florida Podcast Episodes

Living in Florida is such a fun experience. While the politics and government are a complete disaster that actively work against the people and environment, the rest of us here are pretty awesome and we love sharing the Sunshine State with visitors. From North Florida (where we live) to the Florida Keys, we have so much to share!

Check out our Florida hub!

Canadian Travel Podcasts

Traveling through Canada is always an adventure. It’s just different enough from the USA that it feels wonderfully international at times. From Victoria BC on the West Coast to the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, we have podcast episodes to inspire you to book a trip!

Disney and Universal Podcast Episodes

Theme parks aren’t everyone’s jam, but we love them and think they are just as valid of a travel option as visiting beaches or National Parks. And we LOVE to talk about them! From our opinions on the best rides to side by side theme park comparison, we’ve got it all!

Check out our Disney Parks hub or our Universal Orlando page!

More Destination Podcast Episodes

With traveling so much and to so many places, we also love to cover our one-off adventures. We also enjoy getting to talk with locals about where they live and what makes travel to their area so special. This is our chance to share stories on the podcast that are much more than what we can type up in an article.

Travel Tips Episodes

Travel Tips are something we get asked about ALL THE TIME. Yes, we’ve learned a lot over the years and what lessons we can easily share, we do. Everybody travels differently though, so as you listen to our podcast episodes that focus on travel tips, take them with a grain of salt. You are not us and we are not you. Always do what’s right for you and your family!

Family and LGBTQ Topic Episodes

At the forefront of our lives is that our family is different, whether that’s because we’re an LGBTQ family or because we’re on the road so often. Because of these differences, we look at life from a unique point of view and are happy to talk about it. We’ve made some big life choices through the years and learned a lot. And that’s why we share!

Stay tuned for new episodes each week! We’ve got more exciting destinations, road trip ideas and travel tips coming your way!

If you’d like to visit our podcast host page, feel free! There are lots of options to subscribe to the 2TravelDads Podcast.