Working with us: Family Travel & LGBT Influencers

The kids are fun.  The dads are fun.  The experiences are incredible and the content matches!  We dig history, adventure, beaches and learning, and know the importance of growing families to be active in world, discovering new memories together.

Working with 2TravelDads

As family travel and LGBT influencers we work with lots of brands and destinations, creating content and communicating the experiences and messages most important to travelers.  We’ve partnered with Hampton by Hilton for their Ultimate Seekender campaign, U. S. Bank to share why #ISaveSoICan, Tylenol to talk about #HowWeFamily, and many more.

Do you represent a brand, hotel, resort, camp destination, tour operator, restaurant, attraction, travel agency, airline, CVB/DMO or travel type business?  Awesome!  If you’re interested in working with us, we’d love to partner up!  Beyond the content you find within our site and social media we offer the following professional services:

content creation (client licensed) – written & visual content

social media take-overs and engagement

public events – media functions, speaking engagements, destination mingles

experiential analysis and action planning

Here’s why working with us either as family travelers or as LGBT influencers is a great idea (these are our media sheets) and where our general qualifications are coming from.  We operate with a hosting agreement (provided by 2TravelDads) which includes general timelines and how we provide value back to you.  Please note, we do include our FTC Disclaimer on our site and may choose to reference it at any time in our writing or social media sharing.

*if required, you may provide a formal contract, negotiable terms, NDA… – we reserve the right to review and mark up any proposal

If you have any questions or general inquiries, reach out to us.  We’d love to chat!