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Hotel Reviews & Recommendations

Hotel Reviews & Recommendations

Traveling so much we get to spend a lot of time in all sorts of different accommodations. We love to write about them in particular because hotels and lodging is one of the biggest expenses families (and individuals) face when they’re planning travel.

Our hotel, resort, lodge and campground reviews are our honest opinions. If we have stayed somewhere and HAVEN’T written about it, chances are that we DON’T recommend it. Our blog is forever a work in progress, so if you’ve seen us post something on Instagram recently and you don’t see it here yet, send us a note and we’ll share our thoughts directly with you.

Starting out, here are the most recent hotel reviews and recommendations we’re shared. If you know that we’ve stayed someplace and HAVEN’T written about it, accept that as our non-recommendation. We choose to share the hotels and resorts that we really like, NOT the once that don’t meet our expectations. So yes, you’ll read through and think to yourself “They love every place they stay!” but the truth of the matter is that we only write about the places we do like and feel confident recommending.

National Park Lodges and Accommodations

While camping in National Parks is one of my favorite childhood memories, I’ve come to learn that staying in National Park lodges and hotels just outside the parks really is my preference. We still camp, but nice accommodations after a long day of hiking really is our preference. We haven’t stayed at every National Park lodge, but have several under our belts, and have some favorite hotels near the parks too.

  • Review of the Wuksachi Lodge at Sequoia National Park

    Review of the Wuksachi Lodge at Sequoia National Park

    The Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park is set in a beautiful location and has (surprisingly) spacious rooms. Find out about staying at the Wuksachi, things to do in Sequoia National Park and planning a trip to the Sierras of California.

  • Where to stay at Zion National Park (and dining ideas too!)

    Where to stay at Zion National Park (and dining ideas too!)

    There are so many choices of where to stay when planning a trip to Zion National Park. We range from camping to to hotels nearby to National Park Lodges. Everybody’s budget is different when they travel. Luckily, our ideas for where to stay at Zion National Park include the gambit of lodging styles, including national…

  • Review of the Capitol Reef Resort Just Outside of the National Park

    Review of the Capitol Reef Resort Just Outside of the National Park

    The Capitol Reef Resort at the edge of Capitol Reef National Park is one of the most unique properties we’ve seen. Located in the center of the state, this Utah glamping resort is fun with kids, or perfect for an adults-only National Park trip.

Disney Properties – Disneyland, Disney World and Beyond

Apparently we do a lot of Disney Travel… Hopefully we’ll be able to someday say that we’ve been to each Disney hotel, but that’ll take a long time. We have stayed at quite a few though and have all the details of each. From the Galactic Starcuirser at Walt Disney World to the Grand Californian at Disneyland, we’re sharing our picks for room types and activities at the Disney hotels.

Florida Hotel and Resort Recommendations

Since we live in Florida, we do a lot of travel all around the state, staying in fun, beautiful Florida hotels. Like I said at the start of this page, we’re only sharing the hotels and resorts that we genuinely recommend. Yes, we’ve stayed in some crappy hotels AND YOU WON’T FIND THEM HERE. These are only our recommendations for great places to stay around Florida.

Campgrounds and Rustic Stays

We write about camping much less frequently than we used to, but we still do it, so watch this space for updates about camping and rustic stays wherever we’re traveling!