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The Midwest USA is filled with loveable people, crisp air, and, plenty of things to do and see.  Whether we are hiking in Door County, Wisconsin, or enjoying the sights of Chicago there is a unique experience each time we travel here. Some of my favorite places in Wisconsin are Milwaukee and Madison and I have found that Wisconsin is a surprising destination for hiking.

Lake Geneva Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful places to get out on the water with your kayak. Want to watch the mail jumpers run on the docks delivering newspapers and packages and then jump back on board? There are cruises your family can take along the lake for those looking to relax while admiring the beautiful historic homes.

There are so many beautiful spots in the Midwest USA no matter the season, that you are sure to find out exactly what you are looking for on your trip. From the perfect day in Chicago, Illinois (or even a Ferris Bueller day) we’ve got you covered. Want to take your family on the road to find the best cheese? I have the perfect itinerary.

The Midwest also includes Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, and South Dakota.

The Midwest is obviously not just a fly over part of the US and if you need any help planning your adventure there please reach out to us. Enjoy learning why we fell in love with the Midwest and plan your get away!

Best Things to Do in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in the Summertime (and some fall picks!)

Lake Geneva is THE summer destination in Wisconsin with so many things to do both on the lake and around farm country. Check out the best of this bygone era Midwest playground, including how to explore the famous Lake Geneva Shore Path.

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