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ruins, beaches, cenotes, wildlife, food, timeshares… Our top performing post of all time is the full on Guide to Snorkeling around Cabo. Check it out!


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How to start blogging by finding your niche and unique voice, creating your first content and early stages of blog growth.Blogging is a weird business and it’s complicated and fun and something you really have to stick to.

How to Start a Blog

Get our tips, tricks and #RealTalk about the business of blogging. If you want to start down that road, buckle up and have fun!

1 Day Workshop for brands and destinations focusing on building beneficial partnerships with regional outlets and micro-influencers. From building content plans to budgeting, workshop covers the basics of altering small business and big brand marketing approaches. 2traveldads.comDo you know about Influencer Marketing? Like, what it ACTUALLY is? It’s not just a bunch of rich college kids excited about Fyre Festival. It’s actually researching people and who they connect with. It’s planning content that’s going to live longer than a few tweets.

All about Influencer Marketing

If you’re interested in learning how to plan for and engage influencers, and all the stuff that goes with it, check out the full scoop!

Blogger workshop focusing on content planning and pitching to brands and destinations. Workshop for new bloggers or experienced content creators.OMG, I love to speak and share stories, knowledge and excitement with people! It’s the best. I actually used to be that crazy fitness instructor with the 5:00 am class, all the energy and every inspirational thing to yell. And now I use that energy to inspire and teach others.

Speaking and Networking

If you’re interested in having me or both of us dads speak, whether it be about blogging, travel, creating our own family, or running a small business we’re up for it!

And we have two workshop series too:

Building Beneficial Partnerships & Build a Better Blog