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2TravelDads: the Original LGBTQ Family Travel Blog

2TravelDads: the original LGBTQ Family Travel blog

We’re Chris and Rob Taylor, hi! Thanks for following along as we navigate the strange journey of parenthood and travel. 2TravelDads may come from an LGBTQ+ viewpoint, but we write and share for all types of travelers. Gay Travel is just a facet of what we do. Our years of experience working in the travel industry and exploring, both with and without kids, make 2TravelDads a special resource for planning adventures.

Our goal at 2TravelDads is to inspire LGBTQ families (all families actually) to go beyond their usual getaways and use travel to learn about and be part of a bigger world. We love to explore and learn something new every step of the way. — “Traveling the globe and giving the kids a broad worldview.” 

Our Travel Expertise

When it comes to our favorite destinations, we spend a lot of time in a few key areas. I’d like to think we’re experts on the Florida Keys, Savannah GA, Maine and, of course, our hometown of St Augustine! We also focus on National Parks. If you have any questions about getting out into nature or National Park let us know!

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About 2TravelDads and LGBTQ Travel

Find out more about building our family through surrogacy, why Pride matters to us, and how we’ve been going plastic free. These are just some of the things important to us and how we’re raising our kids. Writing about both gay travel and family travel is a unique task, as we do travel differently and experience destinations differently than many. We consider overall safety for the LGBTQ community as we select what we recommend, and then from there add both the family and gay travel elements to our website.

When we find an LGBTQ welcoming destination or resort, we’re sure to share it. Did you know that much of the Caribbean and Africa still have harsh anti LGBTQ laws? We know that, so we share options that are safe for our community and tips to enjoy traveling to the fullest. And we love planning road trips!

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We’ve been blogging at 2TravelDads since 2014. See where we’ve been and what we’ve loved. There are always more adventures in the works.

Browse the archives for road trip plans, travel tips, podcast notes and more. Think we’re missing something, send us a note!

Latest on the blog…

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2TravelDads Podcast

And we have a podcast too! I know, it’s crazy. Please take a moment to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform to hear all about our LGBTQ family travels:




Hotel and Resort Reviews

One of the biggest expenses people face when traveling is their hotel or resort. We’ve been writing about all the places we stay for a long time. In addition to costs/value, this is an important consideration for LGBTQ travelers because you want to feel welcome as you explore. Writing about hotels from the gay travel perspective is an important piece of what we do.

If you’re looking for detailed info about a hotel you’ve seen us visit, or a resort someplace amazing, find it here. If we haven’t written about it, either we DON’T recommend it or we haven’t stayed. Email us if that’s the case!

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If you’re interested in having us help tell your local story and partner up to encourage responsible tourism and supporting local businesses, please let us know! We love projects like this and are happy to share.

More About Rob Taylor and 2TravelDads

We’re located in Saint Augustine, Florida: the oldest city in the USA. Here we live our best Florida life by working from home, exploring the most fascinating places in nature with the kids and enjoying every second we can together. And we’re not afraid of a little luxury travel either. From the Rocky Mountaineer to UnCruise expeditions, we are up for all levels of exploring!

I (Rob) have written two books, the Road Trip Survival Guide and the Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids. Sharing my love of travel with my family and friends extends beyond the blog. I’m excited to continue to write as more and more people explore through road trips and go beyond their backyards.