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Floridas Historic Coast Landing Page

Did you know that the oldest city in the United States in is Florida? It’s true! Saint Augustine was founded in 1565 and has been incredible ever since. Called Florida’s Historic Coast, the St Augustine, Ponte Vedra and the Beaches region is ideal for nearly any sort of vacation.

Saint Augustine is a history lover’s dream. Art and architecture fans will be in heaven. Kayakers, green travelers and beach goers will never want to leave. Take a look at our MANY articles all about North Florida and find your next trip!

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Historic Saint Augustine

The downtown area of Saint Augustine is built all around the Ancient City. Enter through the city gates, the only ones in the USA, and then you step back in time. You’ll also find an historic lighthouse and even a zoo that was opened in 1893!

We have recommendations for food, ghost walks, guided tours and more. And did you know that there are two really interesting and beautiful National Park sites in Saint Augustine? Both are pretty cool and fun to explore with kids.

St Augustine, FL is both full of history and the best beaches in Florida. From wildlife viewing to things to do at night, this is the guide to everything you need to know about Saint Augustine, the oldest city in the USA. #Florida #vacation #travel
One of the coolest historic sites to visit with kids, the Castillo de San Marcos is the perfect blend of fun, history, beauty and kid-friendly awesomeness.
Fort Matanzas National Monument is an ideal day trip from St Augustine. See how to visit and what to day at this overlooked but MUST-SEE sight. #Florida #StAugustine #nationalpark
One of the oldest zoos in the USA, the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm is ideal for learning about Florida wildlife and seeing CRAZY groups of gators. Perfect stop with kids! #Florida
If you're in St Augustine, FL you need to visit the Saint Augustine Lighthouse! It's one of the tallest in the USA and is the prettiest lighthouse in Florida. Information on touring the lighthouse, maritime museum and more. #Florida #lighthouse #vacation

Where to Stay and Eat in Saint Augustine

Half of the fun of visiting Saint Augustine is eating our way around town. And then of course we need to have a great place to stay at night. We’ve dug deep through our many trips, but really into our two most recent visits to pick out our favorite spots around the city. From affordable and luxury hotels to vacation rentals and even camping, we’ve got recommendations for where to stay in St Augustine.

When it comes to dining, you have to see where we love for quick eats and treats, favorite seafood, and nice meals with a view. The best restaurants in Saint Augustine aren’t just downtown, so take our advice and go explore!

Butler Beach and Crescent Beach are dream destinations for a Florida vacation. Located between Daytona and Saint Augustine, the beaches are perfect and surrounded by history and natural beauty. #Florida
Reviews and recommendations of hotels in St Augustine, from Best Westerns to historic hotels. Also camping and vacation rental recommendations near the beach. #Florida #StAugustine #hotels
These are the best restaurants in St Augustine, from Florida seafood to the unique Minorcan cuisine. Best things to eat from beach food to distilleries. #Florida #seafood #restaurants

Ecotourism on Florida’s Historic Coast

There is more to the Saint Augustine area than its beautiful historic sights and great food. The North Florida coast is also home to incredible natural and wildlife preserves. Our family loves kayaking, interpretive centers, guided tours… Basically anything that gets us outdoors and learning. And we love when we can also participate in conservation activities. We have some very unique, fun suggestions for both Florida Ecotours and just getting outdoors to the beach and beyond!

Ecotourism in Florida is one of the best ways to experience the beautiful natural unique to the state. From kayaking to education centers, there are many ecotours in North Florida.
Outdoor activities in Saint Augustine, Florida include exploring the historic downtown and exploring the waterways via kayak. These are the best ways to enjoy the outdoors with kids.

Podcast Episodes re: Florida’s Historic Coast

Of course we’ve recorded some podcast episodes about Saint Augustine! We’ve broken down the area by things to do around the downtown core in the Ancient City and then what you’ll find out the beaches. From the Mantanzas Inlet up to Mickler’s Landing north of Ponte Vedra, the dish about everything we love around Saint Augustine.

Everything awesome to do in the downtown Ancient City core of Saint Augustine, Florida. From ghost tours to food you MUST EAT!
Beyond historic St Augustine there are tons of beaches and cool sights to see all around the area. Whether you're into alligators or want to visit an obscure National Park site, we've got the scoop on it all. And we've got some great restaurant picks too!
St Augustine, FL is both full of history and the best beaches in Florida. From wildlife viewing to things to do at night, this is the guide to everything you need to know about Saint Augustine, the oldest city in the USA. #Florida #vacation #travel

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