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The Yucatan Peninsula is a tropical, Mexican dream destination. Here you’ll find the cities of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. You’ll also find endless beaches, cenotes, and a variety of Mayan ruins to explore. Find our top recommendations for Mexican-Caribbean vacation ideas here.

Yucatan Mexico Travel Grid

Between visiting historic Mayan temples and ruins of civilizations and then spending time in some of the more overlooked Yucatan destinations, like Valladolid or Merida, you’ll love traveling the Yucatan. Jungles, fresh water cenotes and colorful towns make it a great family destination. Add to that the beaches and you’re set!

You also can visit Isla Holbox from the Yucatan. North of Cancun you can take the passenger ferry to this beautiful, tropical island paradise where there are no cars and where the flamingos fly over. Traveling around the Yucatan Peninsula is amazing!