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Videos featuring 2TravelDads – webisodes, TV, promos and more!

Video content is becoming more and more important and it’s great to work with people that are into it and enjoy the process of creating spots and video shorts. Enter:  2TravelDads! 

Videos featuring 2TravelDads are energetic, fun and awesome for LGBT representation in the travel space.

We love getting in front of the camera and sharing our fun. From our awesome partnership with Best Western filming webisodes to partnering with brands and destinations to create travel inspiration, we’ve got a whole run of fun and professional video segments.

Watch a few videos featuring 2TravelDads, get to know us and if you’d like more information on partnering or working with us in any context, complete our partnership survey. We’ll get back to you soon!

Note:  please allow 3 business days lead time for follow up upon completing the partnership survey. If we think it’s a good fit, we’ll get in touch with you; if it’s not ideal right now, we’ve got your contact info and we’ll reach out in the future!

Produced Video Campaigns

Webisode: Best Western Hotels & Resorts – San Diego

Webisode: Best Western Hotels & Resorts – Palm Springs

Promotional Spot: Victoria Clipper & Royal BC Museum

TV Interview: New Day Northwest, King 5 Seattle

Webisode: Best Western Hotels & Resorts – Utah National Parks

Webisode: Best Western Hotels & Resorts – St Augustine, FL

Travel Highlights w/ Alamo Rent a Car – partnership

Exploring Pixar Pier Food w/ Disneyland Resort

Travel Highlights of Victoria – by 2TD kids!

Other features w/ 2TravelDads

Travel Oregon – Cover Story: Oregon Road Trip Umpqua and Southern Oregon

Travel Channel – 15 Best Travel Gifts for Kids – Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids

Travel Oregon – Cover Story: #DontHurtTheDirt at the Painted Hills

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