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Peruvian Amazon Group Trips: Amazing Treehouses and Wildlife Experiences

Looking for an incredible Peruvian Amazon group trip? WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! I didn’t know how much I was going to fall in love with the Amazon jungle until my first night sleeping there. To hear a thousand creatures singing, only to be muted by thunder and rain on the palm trees, and then to start the singing again… Amazing. Add to that epic wildlife watching of all sorts, sunrises on the Amazon River and relaxing in a hammock as toucans fly by, and you’ve got an incomparable experience.

And now I’m excited to share that we’ll be coordinating small group trips to have this same type of experience! We’re working with the Treehouse Lodge in the Peruvian Amazon to bring small groups (6-12 people) to the jungle for bespoke yet affordable adventures. With all meals and excursions included, getting to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure like this is attainable and awesome.

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Listen to our podcast episode all about our week in the Peruvian Amazon and staying at the Treehouse Lodge:

Peruvian Amazon Group Trips

Why join a small group trip to the Peruvian Amazon? Well, there are several great reasons, but here are the ones that most simplify the choice to come along with us:

  • Visiting a new, adventuresome place with others takes the uncertainty out of it
  • Itinerary and logistics will be handled by somebody else
  • The cost for the level of service and comfort can’t be beat

There are quite a few ways to visit the Amazon River and rainforest, but not all are a good fit for people that don’t do lots of exotic travel or people who are down for roughing it. What I like about this particular Peruvian Amazon group trip is the level of luxury and comforts paired with the remoteness and reality of the jungle. You can confidently explore and have a unique, enjoyable stay while experiencing the ACTUAL wild jungle and yet still enjoying certain safety-net comforts.

Entrance Dock at Treehouse Lodge Peruvian Amazon 1

Sample Amazon Group Trip Itinerary

So, what does the Amazon group trip itinerary look like? It’s both mellow and it’s full of adventure! The basic itinerary is very flexible and can be tailored to both the overall group’s interests as well as individual goals and what each person wants to experience. Here’s the overview for this week long experience.

  • Arrive in Lima, Peru – transportation to hotel arranged in advance
  • Explore Lima as a group – guided walking tour (2 hours), group lunch to get to know each other a bit, museum visit or afternoon relaxation, group dinner or dinner on own
  • Travel to Iquitos, Peru – easy 1.5 hour flight (together) to Iquitos where our Amazon group tour guide will meet us, transporting us to the Treehouse Lodge (including a beautiful Amazon River trip to get there!)
  • Four days of fun with activities including sunrise on the Amazon, photo safaris, watching the pink river dolphins play and hunt, learning about the monkeys of the Amazon, jungle walks with appropriate gear, piranha fishing and more!
  • Group departure back to Iquitos, Peru – fly from Iquitos to Lima together – post trip activities or continuing travel is up to each participant.

The overall Peruvian Amazon group trip itinerary is solid, but any participant is welcome to continue on in their exploration of Peru. We’re happy to help plan and arrange the additional legs of travel, or you can end with our set itinerary. It’s up to you!

Three Toed Sloth Eating Seen at Treehouse Lodge Peruvian Amazon 1

Peruvian Amazon Trip Cost

Exotic travel may seem very expensive and maybe even unattainable, but we aim to provide an exceptional Amazon group trip experience with a low price point, not negotiating on the awesomeness of the trip. The cost per person is $1820 USD. This cost includes:

  • 6 nights accommodations (2 nts in Lima, 4 nights in Amazon)
  • transportation once in Peru (Lima transfers, RT flight to Iquitos, transportation to/from Amazon jungle)
  • all activities (Lima tour, museum entry, Amazon excursions)
  • dining (not alcohol) – 2 group meals in Lima, all dining at Treehouse Lodge, departure sack lunch

Any additional days or expanding on travel plans falls to the individual’s own travel budget. We’re happy to help plan and book additional Peru destinations, and may choose to add three days for a trip to Paracas, Peru (think penguins and flamingos), but that is dependent on at least four participants requesting this extension (additional cost).

Taylor Family on River Exploration with Treehouse Lodge Peruvian Amazon 1

Who is this Amazon Group Trip Right For?

The Peruvian Amazon group trip we’re running will be capped at 12 participants per trip, with 2-3 trips available each year. How do you know if this sort of trip is right for you? Well, there are a few things to consider, including how much you want to allow yourself to geek out about nature. Here are the key considerations in deciding if the Peruvian Amazon group trip is a good idea for you:

  • you love wildlife, including being surrounded by it – there may be creatures very near you at times, both during exploration and when walking on bridges and boardwalks in the jungle
  • you can live without cell service for a few days – while there is a Starlink connection at the Treehouse Lodge in the Amazon, the service is spotty and not good enough to logon for work issues, video calls or streaming services
  • you can listen to advice – visiting the Amazon jungle means leaving society and heading into the wild. This means there is sun exposure, surprise monsoons, mosquitoes, and wildlife moments. Entering this adventure, mellow as it may be, with a know-it-all attitude behooves nobody and does not contribute to anyone’s experience.
  • you are healthy – while this Peruvian Amazon group trip is not a physically demanding journey, like hiking the Inca Trail is, you do need to be in good health. We will be staying more than 2 hours from emergency services, with major services being a flight to Lima away. You’ll need to be able to walk down steep stairs, both to board Amazon River transportation and to access your treehouse in the Jungle. If you have horrible knees or hips, I wouldn’t confidently recommend this trip as the fewest number of narrow/high stairs you’ll encounter is 12 steps with at least a 10 inch height.
Chris Taylor on Swinging Bridge at Treehouse Lodge Peruvian Amazon 1

Will there be kids on this Amazon group trip?

Here’s the thing about the way this Amazon group trip goes: you choose how involved with the group you want to be. You will not have to interact with other travelers in our group if you don’t want to, or you can make a whole new crew of best friends. What is wonderful is getting to experience the Amazon with a group of like-minded people, so keep an open mind about what you want the trip to be like for you.

We are running both a family-friendly and an adults only Peruvian Amazon group trip. Visiting the jungle, and in particular staying at the Treehouse Lodge, is a very kid friendly adventure, but not every family is going to be well-versed in the wonders of travel, let alone exotic travel. Visiting the jungle and being surrounded by wildlife (and sometimes giant bugs) is not for everyone, and that’s okay. For the families that are down for a little wild fun in the jungle, the family-friendly trip is a great way to introduce your kids to a completely different world.

If you are a well-traveled person or your family is all about adventures, this is still a wonderful option for you. Just because we’re staying in a beautiful jungle lodge with elegant meal preparation and bespoke daily excursions doesn’t mean that it’s all plush and luxe from head to toe. There is plenty of opportunity to get muddy, sweaty and stinky in the jungle… and then you get to shower freshly whenever you like!

If you want another family-friendly group trip, check out our UnCruise Adventures page for more options!

Taylor Family Piranha Fishing in the Peruvian Amazon Treehouse Lodge Excursion 1

Amazon Group Trip Dates

We have a few options for group trips to the Peruvian Amazon. In November 2024 we have both family-friendly and adults-only trips happening, with the last day of travel being November 24, 2024. We’ll have another set of trips in March 2025.

For anyone looking to add another region to their Peru visit, there are a few options for you do complete outside of the group. We recommend adding them to your schedule for AFTER the Peruvian Amazon group trip, particularly if you would like to head up into the Andes Mountains. For the best experience in the jungle and exploring the Amazon River, it’s ideal to not be recovering from elevation sickness when we start our group trip.

Having said that, if you should like to arrive early, we recommend exploring Lima on your own for a day or two, or spending a few days in the south, in Ica and Paracas. These destinations are all at sea level and offer a very different take on Peru than you’ll find in the Amazon jungle.

Giant Water Lilies in Peruvian Amazon 3

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We’ll follow up with you shortly after we review your responses and are ready to answer any questions you may have submitted. Thank you so much for your interest, and I’m so excited to exploring the Peruvian Amazon with you!

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