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Visiting Washington DC and Virginia has always been a favorite USA destination of ours. It’s the heart of American government and is full of history. There are actually lots of beautiful towns and natural wonders too! Yorktown to Shenandoah National Park, the Virginia / DC area is a great vacation destination!

Virginia DC Travel Grid

Washington DC is really set up well to be educational and also features an amazing number of art museums and public spaces. Think what you will of the US government, but our capital region is phenomenal to explore, as an adult or with kids.

Virginia is also fascinating. The Potomac River shapes much of northern VA while the coastal region is full of villages, fishing flats and endless historic sites. Williamsburg, Jamestowne and Yorktown make up the Historic Triangle, and that one area alone is worth a visit. Pair with a Virgina / DC road trip and you have an unforgettable journey!