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Camping List Extras

Camping List Extras

We have migrated our camping list extras into a post instead of a page.  We made this list because after you’ve camped with a child, you can walk away from the experience able to say “Next time, I will definitely bring…”…hence calling them camping list extras.

Here is our list of take-aways / surprising things to pack:

  • collapsible high chair – it’s a real thing and it’s awesome!  **see Kid Products page for an alternative called SupportMeLittle Dudes Camping on AstroTurf
  • cushy blanket for tent floor – the tent is the cleanest place to let your child roll/crawl around, but there’s often surprise rocks underneath
  • AstroTurf – huh?  Really?  Yes.  You can get a small patch of it to roll or fold up and then create an insta-play area if you’re out and about and don’t want your kid eating dirt.
  • large umbrella – sun happens.  Rain happens.
  • many zip up sweatshirts/jackets – many.  And zip vs. pull over because it’s easier in a pinch.
  • nothing white – see above regarding dirt.
  • battery operated noise maker – the woods offers a plethora of calming and frightening sounds.  Bringing a sound machine that is soothing and not distracting to other campers is a must.  An iPad can also be used.  *See our Kid Products page for app recommendations.
  • pacifiers – if your child is still of pacifier age, bring the favorites…and then ten more.  See above regarding dirt.Little Dudes Camping with Helmet

We do have a few other things to recommend, just because we’ve been there and done that.  Here are the things that are too easy to forget, so don’t!

  • flashlights / electric lantern – because you never know who’s going to need to use the potty in the middle of the night.  Your phone isn’t going to cut it in the middle of the night when your battery is dead.
  • roasting sticks – assuming there’s no burn ban where you’re camping, chances are that there will be a campfire.  Are you going to want to widdle a pokey stick?  No.
  • dish tubs and sponges – we use three small tubs with water to wash dishes on the road.  They double as storage bins for dinnerware and cleaning supplies.  And if you 10592797_10153448878315688_3216002580824391094_n
    have somebody drinking from a bottle still, don’t forget a bottle brush.
  • extra towels – I don’t want to use a sandy towel with mud and drool on it to dry off after a shower.  Bring a few extra towels to save yourself your own complaints.
  • cleaning wipes – baby wipes are nice for hands and faces, but some other disinfecting wipes are great for cleaning up camping equipment, dirty tables or your hands after you’ve handled meat while making dinner.

Every family is different, so you might have different needs.  These items were the most helpful or easiest to forget.  Do you have something to add to the lists?  Send us a message or a link and we’ll add it.


Friday 16th of December 2016

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