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So this isn’t a full post about Puerto Rico and all of the things you need to know, but it’s a quick snapshot of the current itinerary and all of the fun that’s been happening.  No doubt there’ll be a few articles dedicated to this trip and its incredible sites, but for now, here’s what up this week!  And FYI, these are all unedited, on-the-fly pics just to give a glimpse…

First accommodations in Puerto Rico: El Conquistador Resort

Starting the week off, the El Conquistador by Waldorf Astoria welcomed us in and started showing us how wonderful Puerto Rico is.  There have been countless moments of wow and relaxation, including time on El Conquistador’s private island, Isla Palomino, with snorkeling and kayaking in the Caribbean, an afternoon at Coqui waterpark directly on-property, pool time, beach combing and great food and drinks.  Oh, and a spa day with a stellar hot stone signature massage.

Oh, and I just saw a six foot iguana walking below my balcony.  Love it here!

Exploring El Yunque National Forest

After renting a jeep during some free time, we headed away from El Conquistador and up into the mountain.  El Yunque National Forest was so beautiful to explore.  We stopped in the Visitors Center for a quick lesson in the rainforest and a stroll through the canopy on an elevated walkway.  Then we stopped at several waterfalls along our drive and eventually hiked through the rainforest of El Yunque to La Mina Falls.  There’s nothing like jumping into the splash pool of a waterfall in a tropical rainforest.

Bio-luminescent Kayaking on Bio Bay

We go kayaking a lot and this topped it all.  The bummer about bio-luminescent kayaking is that you can’t really get pictures of the experience or even begin to capture its magic unless you have a very special camera.  Oh well.  Paddling through mangrove tunnels in the pitch black and then dangling your feet in the water as it lights up was just beautiful and totally unforgettable.

Snorkeling at Isla Palominita

Do you ever go snorkeling and then pop immediately out of the water because you realize that there is a school of stingrays right below you?  Or do you track a large fish with your eyes and then discover that it’s a reef shark once you look underwater?  Or how about do you ever dive down to bring up a huge conch shell only to find that it’s inhabited by the biggest hermit crab you’ve ever seen?  Yeah, that was Isla Palominita.  Oh and FYI, it’s that same god-forsaken island that Jack Sparrow was left to die on in Pirates of the Caribbean.  So cool!

And then there was Old San Juan…

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Staying at the Condado Plaza Hilton in San Juan

The public spaces of the Condado Plaza Hilton are so cool.  It was built in the sixties and was renovated a few years ago to reflect how awesome and chic the 60s were in the Caribbean.  Love it!  And the view from our room is awesome too as we look out across the Atlantic Ocean, over the pools and eastward at Castillo Geronimo (an abandoned fort).  The staff rocks and the mofongo and sofrito are killer.  A great home-base so far for exploring San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Still to come…

We’ve got more happening this week with some more time relaxing, some more awesome food and then also sightseeing that’s been on the bucket list for a long time:

touring Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

visiting the castillos of San Juan National Historic Site (a National Park)

kayaking and snorkeling in the Condado Lagoon

experiencing some of San Juan’s nightlife

and then so much more!  This itinerary has been a blast so far and it can only keep getting better!  Check back for more updates and be sure to follow along with the Instagram Story happening on @2TravelDads.  Adios!


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And don’t forget to check out the fun posts when all is said and done, because there are going to be some great tips to share!

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