Want to Host?

Chris Taylor Beer in Florence 1Do you represent a hotel, resort, camp destination, tour operator, restaurant, zoo, aquarium, park, travel agency, airline, CVB or travel type business?  Awesome!  If you’re interested in hosting us for a stay, a tour, meal, or whatever, we’d love to partner up!

Here’s why working with us is a great idea! (these are our media sheets)

Below you’ll find our hosting agreement which includes timelines and how we provide value back to you.  Please note, we do include our FTC Disclaimer on our site and may choose to reference it at any time in our writing or social media sharing.

Hosting Agreement – to be completed by host and us.  Together.  A group effort.

*if required, you may provide a formal contract, negotiable terms, NDA…

If you have any questions or general inquiries, reach out to us.  We’d love to chat!

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