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The Central Coast of California is best known for its tourism and agriculture, and there are so many amazing cities and towns to visit, from Santa Barbara to Monterey.

Our road trips along California’s Central Coast are nothing if not epic, and I think a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in Central California is one of the most beautiful in the US. There’s never a dull moment with or without kids; we’ve done it both ways.

If you want to end a shopping excursion in Santa Barbara with a few winery visits in Santa Maria Valley, we have a great plan to set you up. There is also Channel Island National Park that we highly recommend adding to your list when you are in this area with a majestic lighthouse and perfect views!

There are many picturesque stops along a PCH road trip through the Central Coast, but we have found Morro Bay to be one of the prettiest. Between Morro Rock and the sand dunes, it’s really unique and a must-stop.

If you want a classic Cali beach vibe (think Beach Boys) for your trip, we have a great itinerary for hanging out in San Luis Obispo.  Our Kids have always loved the vintage candy store in town, and we have some top recommendations on where to stay that is family-friendly and get a great night’s sleep.

We love this part of the California coast, and if you plan to head in that direction, we are happy to help you find the route that checks all your boxes.  Drop us a message if you need recommendations, and check out our posts to get the inside scoop.

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