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4 Ways to enjoy the Scenic Route around Oahu

4 Ways to enjoy the Scenic Route around Oahu

As you know, we get to serve as Chief Travel Guides for Alamo Rent A Car and share our ideas for exploring the Scenic Route. We recently completed a grand tour of the Island of Oahu and came up with the four key ways to experience this incredible island.  Here are a few hints about what makes Oahu with kids so much fun, and particularly what makes the Scenic Route around Oahu so unforgettable…

Oahu’s kid friendly beaches

An island full of beach is sure to have lots of great spots to relax, right? Well, yes and no. We’ve made our recommendations for some of Oahu’s kids friendly beaches and what to plan for. Our kids LOVED the beaches of Oahu!

Snorkeling the Scenic Route around Oahu

Just because there’s a beach doesn’t mean that the snorkeling is going to be amazing.  What makes Oahu so great for snorkeling in certain spots are the ancient lava rocks and coral reefs that make for calm, clear waters. Care to know where along the Scenic Route you’ll find some of these great spots?

Hawaiian food experiences

You may have already checked out our article on the best places to eat on Oahu, and if so, you already know what we look for when we seek out new and delicious Hawaiian food experiences with the kids.  Gosh, we’re so ready to go back for more poke…

Jungle exploring with kids

Before we went to Hawaii, we just knew that it was lush, but didn’t know what to expect as we set out to go hiking with kids on Oahu. Let’s just say that we’re really excited for our next Hawaiian adventure because exploring the jungles with kids was awesome. I think we may have some aspiring botanists on our hands.

Go check out our recommendations for experiencing the Scenic Route of Oahu with kids.  You’ll be inspired to plan a trip (maybe even without kids) and get a bit off the beaten path.

And since we are talking about planning awesome travel with the help of Alamo, here’s our tip:

When you rent your vehicle in Honolulu, seriously consider getting a Jeep or another small SUV. While Oahu’s random sunshiny-rain might prevent you keeping the top off your car, you’ll appreciate feeling safe and driving happy around the Island of Oahu.

Have fun looking over our recommendations and planning your adventures in Hawaii.  It’s an amazing, magical place and the Scenic Route around Oahu is sure to be an unforgettable adventure!


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