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Top Picks for Italian Restaurants in Savannah’s Historic Districts

Top Picks for Italian Restaurants in Savannah’s Historic Districts

I’m pretty sure that most people leave Savannah talking about all the food they ate and the historic sites they visited. There is a lot of good food, and a surprising amount of Italian restaurants in Savannah. From classic Tuscan dishes to modern twists on old favorites, there’s something for everyone here. So, if you’re planning a trip to Savannah, be sure to put these Italian restaurants at the top of your list!

I mean, who doesn’t love Italian food? It’s hearty, flavorful, and comforting—a perfect meal for any occasion and if you’ve been walking around Savannah all day, it’ll replenish your stores. If you’re looking for a delicious Italian restaurant in Savannah downtown, there are many great options! Keep reading to learn more about each of them.

And if we didn’t include your favorite, please leave a comment or send us a note. We’re happy to try new places and are always updating our favorite places to eat in Savannah.

There are a shocking number of Italian restaurants in Savannah. We've picked our favorites, and yes, there are a lot of Neapolitan style pizza spots, but you'll love each of these delicious choices.

Downtown Historic District Italian Restaurants

We’ve split up our list of our favorite Italian restaurants in Savannah by their location, splitting them between the Downtown Historic District and then the Victorian District to the south. Both areas are very walkable from each other, but if you just want something delicious and in your own neighborhood, here you go!

Top Pick: Corleone’s Trattoria

We are starting here because it’s my FAVORITE. Corleone’s Trattoria is a casual trattoria that serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant has a décor that combines vintage gangster movies and foodie elements. The food at Corleone’s Trattoria is fresh and made with quality ingredients. Some of the bestsellers at the restaurant include spaghetti carbonara, chicken marsala, and tiramisu. It’s got reasonable prices and the best bread and marinara sauce.

Located on MLK at Broughton Street, very near the Georgia Railroad Museum and SCAD Museum of Art.

Coreleons Trattoria City Market Savannah Georgia 1

Bella Napoli Italian Bistro

Bella Napoli Italian Bistro serves classic Italian cuisine, including pizza and pasta dishes, in a traditional setting. The restaurant is located in downtown Savannah, off Wright Square at Bull and State Streetsts, and offers a variety of wines to pair with its food. Bella Napoli is known for its friendly staff and its really cozy atmosphere.

Bella Napoli’s bestsellers include the Margherita pizza, the traditional spaghetti with meatballs, and the tiramisu. Bella Napoli is a great spot for a romantic dinner if you’re into Italian food, as it really is the cutest restaurant.

Located on State Street at Bull Street, very near the Owen-Thomas House & Slave Quarters, a part of the Telfair Museums.

Interior of Bella Napoli Italian Bistro Historic District Savannah Georgia 1

FraLi Gourmet

FraLi Gourmet is an authentic Italian eatery and market located just at the edge of the main downtown area of Savannah. This scratch Italian restaurant offers a variety of house-made pastas, as well as pre-fix dinner menus. FraLi Gourmet prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients, and all of their dishes are made from scratch. The menu features a variety of traditional Italian favorites, as well as some lesser-known creations that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a very humble, mellow atmosphere, where you can eat shop and make some culinary discoveries! And, of course, no visit to FraLi Gourmet would be complete without sampling one of their desserts. Clearly, you can see why we’ve picked it as one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Savannah.

FraLi Gourmet is located on Liberty Street at Tattnall, next door to the Savannah Coffee Roasters.

Homemade pasta at Fra Li Gourmet Italian Cafe Shop Savannah Georgia 2

Pacci Italian Kitchen

Pacci Italian Kitchen is a local favorite on Bay Street here in Savannah. They offer a rustic-chic atmosphere (kind of fancy) with delicious Italian food that is sourced from local ingredients. Their brunch menu items are not to be missed, and their bestsellers include wood-fired pizzas and homemade pastas. What makes Pacci truly Savannah is their MO of using only the freshest ingredients and supporting local businesses. This makes for a delicious dining experience but also it’s always great to be supportive of the community.

Pacci is also close to the Pirates House, which is both historic and one of the more unique places to eat in Savannah. Pacci Italian Kitchen is located at Bay Street and Houston Street at the east end of downtown.

Dinner at Pacci Italian Kitchen Bay Street Savannah Georgia 1

Garibaldi’s Savannah

Garibaldi’s is more on the fine dining side of the Italian restaurants in savannah located smack in the middle of downtown Savannah. The menu has more refined Italian dishes with seafood leanings, making it a perfect spot for a romantic night out. Some of the bestsellers include crab ravioli and LOTS of wine. The unique setting in a former firehouse only adds to the experience.

You’ll find Garibaldi’s just a block south of City Market and Franklin Square, located at Congress and Montgomery Streets. Franklin Square and the Haitian Monument are very nearby.

Exterior of Garibaldis Escape Italian Restaurant downtown Savannah Georgia 1

Vinnie Van GoGo’s

My friend who went to SCAD swears by this spot, but it’s not specifically my top pick. Vinnie Van GoGo’s is a casual pizza joint in downtown Savannah, Georgia, known for its generous slices and thin-crust pies. The restaurant’s patio seating is a popular spot for people-watching on busy Broughton Street in City Market. Vinnie’s offers a wide variety of pizzas, and their build-your-own pizza menu has TONS of options for toppins and sauces. Vinnie Van GoGo’s is open for late lunch and dinner seven days a week.

You’ll find Vinnie Van GoGo’s at the west end of City Market, right next to the Savannah Candy Kitchen and down the square from the Prohibition Museum.

Exterior of Vinnie VanGoGos City Market Square in Savannah Georgia 4

Graffito Pizza

Graffito Pizza is a unique pizzeria offering a variety of pizzas, as well as other Italian dishes. It’s down in the Plant Riverside District, right next to the JW Marriot (the coolest hotel lobby in Georgia!). The cool location and great food make it one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Savannah. Their bestsellers include the Margherita pizza and the Prosciutto & Arugula pizza. What sets Graffito Pizza apart from other pizzerias is their thin, crispy crusts, and they’re always made with fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce. Graffito Pizza is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal down on the Riverfront.

To get there, head down Montgomery Street towards the river and head DOWN the historic steps. It’s just off the river, so after your meal you can go strolling along the Savannah River. What a great Italian restaurant / after dinner walk combo!

Exterior of Graffito Pizza Plant Riverside District Savannah Georgia 1

Screamin Mimi’s

Screamin Mimi’s is a popular New York style pizza spot located in the Historic District, very near the Colonial Park Cemetery. The restaurant is best known for its really big pizzas and their sticker-decorated counter service. This is where you go for pizzas with classic toppings, plus pastas, salads & subs.

I don’t have a lot else to say, but it’s good pizza and is super low-key. You’ll love it!

Pepperoni Pizza at Screamin Mimis Savannah Georgia 1

Savannah’s Victorian and Starland District Italian Restaurants

If you’re looking for an Italian meal in a comfortable setting, the Victorian District of Savannah is a great place to explore. This historic section of town is home to several award-winning Italian restaurants, each with its interesting atmosphere and specialty dishes. From wood-fired pizza to fresh seafood pasta bowls, there’s something for everyone these Italian restaurants in Savannah.

South of Gaston in Savannah is a beautiful area with great walkability. Home to many notable Victorian-style homes dating 1800’s, as well as parks, restaurants, and shops. Also, a part of the Victorian District is the Starland area. It’s super cool and eclectic with fun restaurants and artsy spots.

Big Bon Bodega/Big Bon Pizza

If you are looking for great pizza spot in the southern end of the Victorian District of Savannah, look no further than Big Bon Bodega/Big Bon Pizza. This restaurant is a stand out because of their wood fire bagels and pizza, and its really cool setting. If you are a pizza lover, grab a pie and enjoy!

FYI, this is a bit more of a walk if you’re staying downtown, but you’ll be able to walk off your meal, so don’t fret about it. Parking is a bit tricky right around here, as Big Bon Bodega is at 37th and Bull, which is a busy intersection. It’s totally worth it though!

Pizzas at Wild Tomato Restaurant Sister Bay Door County Wisconsin 1

La Scala Ristorante

If you’re looking for a much more upscale Italian restaurant in the Victorian District, look no further than La Scala Ristorante. This charming restaurant offers classic recipes that will surprise you in the best way. Savannah has great food everywhere, but La Scala is exceptional. From pasta dishes to pastries, there’s something for everyone on the menu.

La Scala is located just two blocks from Big Bon Bodega at 37th and Abercorn. Again, parking may be a bit tough, but just pay attention to the signs and you’ll be fine. Also, if you can dine outside, do it! Such a cool patio!

Squirrel’s Pizza

Squirrel’s Pizza is a favorite for visitors and locals in the Starland area of the Victorian District. They also have another location in the Eastern Wharf area, which is made up of shipping containers and outside seating. The restaurants are known for their awesome decor and thin woodfired pizzas. The menu has a broad variety of pizzas and apps, with white pizzas being a the top of the bill here. Squirrel’s also offers a variety of salads, sandwiches, and gluten-free pizza that is surprisingly fantastic. The restaurant is a great place to visit for a casual meal or a fun night out.

Squirrel’s is close the the Vault, which is a really cool Asian fusion restaurant, so if you’re in the Starland neighborhood for a few different meals, check the Vault out too.

Pizzeria Vittoria Napoletana

Apparently we eat a lot of pizza, particularly woodfired pizza. Pizzeria Vittoria Napoletana is a local favorite in the Starland District. They are well known for their super-authentic Neapolitan pizza, made with fresh ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired oven. The menu also features Italian grinders (sandwiches) and desserts.

Pizzeria Vittoria Napoletana is a must-visit for anyone visiting Savannah’s Starland area. Plan to grab a cocktail in the Starland Yard complex or visit the Art Bar while you’re in the neighborhood.

BONUS: Bella’s Italian Café – Far Away to the South

Bella’s Italian Café is a family-run restaurant in South Savannah, equally close to Bonaventure Cemetery as it is to the Riverfront. Bella’s offers an broad Italian menu, from pizza to scampi. The restaurant has a casual atmosphere and a long wine list. Bella’s is known for its fresh, homemade food. The bestsellers on the menu include the Margherita Pizza and the Chicken Parmigiana. The uniqueness of Bella’s Italian Café lies in its dedication to providing authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant uses only high-quality ingredients and makes all of its food from scratch. This commitment to quality ensures that diners will enjoy a delicious and unforgettable meal at Bella’s Italian Café.

If you find yourself in the Victorian District, mostly south of Gaston in Savannah, be sure to check out one (or all) of these fantastic Italian restaurants. Yes, Savannah is heavy on the pizza options, but between the authentic woodfire and the great Italian apps, you’ll find you can never have too much of a good thing. These places have something for everyone from wine and cocktails to food and dessert.

Savannah has so many great Italian restaurants that it is hard to choose where to eat! Whether you’re looking for a fancy, upscale restaurant or something more casual, there’s definitely something here that will suit your needs.

And if we didn’t include your favorite, please leave a comment or send us a note. We’re happy to try new places and are always updating our favorite places to eat in Savannah.

There are a shocking number of Italian restaurants in Savannah. We've picked our favorites, and yes, there are a lot of Neapolitan style pizza spots, but you'll love each of these delicious choices.