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China is such a surprising place to visit. Traveling in China is not for everyone though. You typically need a guide or host and if you’re not fluent in Mandarin you may truly not do well on your own. BUT there are ways to visit and see some of the most incredible, colorful sights in China!

China Travel Grid

I cannot wait to return to China. We have spent a lot of time in Shaanxi Province and Shanghai, so that’s where our expertise lies. From the Terracotta Warriors to the might Yellow River, the Bund to finding American cuisine in China, we cover it all.

Important note: since the COVID pandemic, travel to China has been very limited. As the world continues to reopen, be sure to dig deep and confirm that all elements of your China travel plans are viable. Also, you will need a visa for visiting China, and that takes both time and support from either a tour company, agency or private citizen.

China is beautiful and full of fascinating history. Enjoy learning about it and I hope you’re excited to plan an adventure to this ancient country!