Behind the Picture: Port Ludlow Sunset and Reflections in the Marina

The story:  we love to play tourist at home.  That includes going to dinner at fun restaurants we wouldn’t normally dine at.  Port Ludlow is a beautiful, tiny port town on the Olympic Peninsula.  Unless you’re trying to get there, you’ll miss it.  In the 1800s it was a port for tall ships.  Today it’s a port for local boaters.  And there’s nothing like a Port Ludlow sunset in the Port Ludlow 1

On this day, we were meeting family for a night at the Resort at Port Ludlow.  We got there early because it’s nice to just hang out in the sun and watch the boats come into the marina.  Also, our oldest loves the totem pole.  It’s a fascinating piece that towers over the lawn.  It’s appropriately weathered and portrays the history of Port Ludlow and its residents, from natives to settlers.  After a nice sit, some time watching a local harbor seal, and letting the boys get out their extra energy, it was time to head into the Inn for an amazing dinner.

We’re lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest for so many reasons: totem poles, evergreen forests, salmon, sunsets.  From the Fireside Restaurant there’s an amazing view of the marina with the sun setting behind it.  You can sit outside or inside, and either is great.  Here, we spent the evening with cousins, all of the kids hanging out, and the adults enjoying some amazing meals.  Again: salmon.  So good.

This was a great night, not just because we were someplace that was beautiful, but because we got to get together with family…and be loud.  We’re a loud family.  Really loud.  The Fireside staff got us set up with a private dining room at a moment’s notice and provided us with  the perfect spot to relax, connect and enjoy each other.  Such a great place to visit.Port Ludlow Marina Sunset

Why do people love this image:  people, including us, love calm and water.  The reflections that happen at Port Ludlow are amazing because the sunset creates the perfect light for silhouettes and being such an inland cove, the water is always still, unless a sailboat creates gentle ripples.

Chris Taylor and Tinyman at Port LudlowFun Fact:  the Resort at Port Ludlow is a more than just a weekend getaway.  They host large parties and events.  This summer, we were able to go see movies on the lawn.  Two hundred of your closest friends wrapped in blankets in the rain watching Cool Runnings.  True story.

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