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One of my favorite stories to share about traveling through Italy was the time I accidentally ordered hot dogs on a pizza. I learned a lot in the ten minutes and have learned so much more since then. Italy is a wonderful place to travel through, especially if it’s your first visit to Europe. From Pisa to Rome, Venice to Cinque Terre, we’ve got travel tips for it all.

Italy Travel Grid

Curious about planning a visit to Rome with kids? Or maybe you know you want to go to Venice but you’re worried about over-tourism? We have suggestions for all of that, and tips for seeing some of the most iconic sights in Italy. Get ready, because you’re going to want to plan a trip after a little light reading here.

Venice Flashback: stories of Venetian moments

Every place you visit has different versions of itself. We want to share a Venice flashback with you, as there is so much more to the city than the thousands of tourists marching single file across tiny foot bridges. Our Venice travel stories are happy, peaceful ones.
Read our take on one of the most Iconic places in Europe.

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