Privacy Policy

To be compliant with the GDPR and to be sure that ya’ll know that we’re good people here’s our privacy policy for and the data that is collected by using our site.

  • 2TDapprovedyour information such as country of residence, age, sex, and other demographic info may be collected for our own understanding of who’s visiting our site
  • if you leave a comment or send us a message, your email address and related information will be collected, but again, that’s just for us
  • we do have some affiliate links throughout our site so if you click on something relating to a hotel, tour or other product, a cookie may happen that tells the affiliate site that you got to them from our site,

We don’t use the information our site automatically collects or that you voluntarily provide for anything except our own understanding of who digs what we’re doing and how we can better serve the global community.  Our own privacy is important to us, so take heart that yours is too.

Have an awesome day!