What to Actually Do and See at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

While Mauna Loa erupts, there is so more to explore at this amazing Big Island spot!

Certainly Mauna Loa is astounding right now, but Kilauea is still a remarkable destination to see. Crater Rim Drive is one of the most unique National Park roads you'll find.

From where the lava flows to the sea to the many types and layers of past flows, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is an active example of the earth changing before our eyes.

Hiking or watching the waves crash into the Big Island of Hawaii at sunset, there are all types of experiences at Hawaii Volcanoes NP.

Hiking at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is like walking through a fantasyland, including steam vents, lava tubes and rainbow lava.

Such unique natural sights all around the park. With both accessible trails and long hikes across lava flows, everyone can explore Hawaii Volcanoes.

Also, Kilauea at night, even when Mauna Loa isn't ablaze, is amazing. And the stars from Hawaii Volcanoes NP...

Want to learn more about visiting Hawaii Volcanoes at night? We've covered where to go, gear to bring and how to photograph lava.

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