Washington DC and Virginia Road Trip

Awesome plan for both historic and beautiful sights in Revolutionary War America

The Washington DC and Virginia road trip is both fun and educational. Plan to do it in 4-6 days.

Travel in spring or fall for the best weather.

Fly into DC or Newport, Virginia to begin your road trip through history

Living history and museums make stops like Jamestown ideal, especially with kids

Colonial Williamsburg is a MUST on this Virginia road trip

Get the museum pass or wander the incredible Revolutionary War town.

Yorktown in summer means history and the beach, making a fun road trip destination

The American Revolution Museum is an easy stop that will have everyone learning.

Historic homes of all sorts are a part of the Washington DC and Virginia Road Trip

Mount Vernon, George Washington's house, is one of the most famous sites

Before you visit Washington DC, there is more Virginia to explore

Great Falls Park is a National Park site and is an amazing way to see the Potomac River in Virginia.

Visit the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum in Fairfax

With a space shuttle and fewer people, this is a great alternative to the Smithsonian in DC.

The highlight of the Washington DC and Virginia Road Trip, the Capital is awesome with kids

Countless monuments and historic sites can be found all around DC

Whether you love history or just want to scratch the surface, Washington DC is great for all kinds of visitors.

Plan at least two days in DC, but four is best to explore it fully.

Tour the US Capitol, visit the national museums...

There are road trip and day trip stops for every interest.

Get the complete Washington DC and Virginia Road Trip plan

You'll love this trip through American history and the beautiful east coast.