Visiting Universal Orlando during COVID

Smaller crowds, shorter wait times, and many health and safety precautions.

 Universal Orlando has reopened during COVID

What to expect during COVID:  - additional sanitization  - social distancing  - new ride-specific procedures  - different park entertainment

Some days social distancing isn't possible; other days Universal Orlando is easy with small crowds.

Health Precaution #1 at Universal Orlando: temperature checks

Health Precaution #2: social distancing markers in all queue areas to manage crowds

Note that it's up to visitors to manage their own space.

Universal Orlando heath precaution #3: face masks required at all times

Exception made for water rides, but you only ride with your own group.

To limit crowds, character interactions and entertainment are modified.

Dining at Universal Orlando during COVID

Restaurant capacity is limited to very small crowds.

Mobile order and pay is widely available to make it easy.

During the pandemic, Universal Orlando has limited experiences that make crowds congregate.

No Lights on Hogwarts Castle during COVID.

Find out more about all the health and safety precautions at Universal Orlando during the COVID pandemic.