the best night kayaking experience in Florida

Bioluminescence season in Florida goes May - Sept and is best on warm nights.

Bioluminescent kayaking is the best way to experience this phenomena.

Kayaking near Cocoa Beach in Titusville is THE BEST place to see bioluminescence in Florida. It's very near Daytona Beach.

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Tampa Bay

Bioluminescence can also be seen near Tampa in summer months, both at Fort de Soto and Shell Key.

Florida Keys

Although a different type of bioluminescence, the Florida Keys are known to have glowing worms in the water in June.

Night kayaking tours in Key West are year-round and amazing.

A clear kayaking bioluminescence tour is the best way to experience this natural wonder of Florida.

Discover how and where to find bioluminescence in Florida, including tips for going on your own.