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Kayaking in the San Juan Islands

Visit the San Juans from Seattle

An easy day trip or plan a kayaking expedition through the islands, summer is the best time to explore the San Juan Islands.

Kayaking with orcas is a popular thing to do in the San Juans

Go on a tour or do a self-guided expedition, being Whale-Wise and following wildlife laws (300 ft)

Orcas Island is one of the most beautiful places to kayak in the San Juans.

With countless quiet coves and even a few lakes, Orcas Island is perfect for kayaking.

Shaw Island in the San Juans is less visited and just as beautiful as the larger islands.

There are no tours or rentals on Shaw Island, so it's a self-guided expedition.

Kayaking at Lopez Island 

Paddling routes from Lopez take you to the smallest of the San Juans, kayaking through calm waterways and coves.

San Juan Island kayaking is unique and beautiful

Stay in Friday Harbor or Roche Harbor to paddle to marine state parks and visit lighthouses.

Camping via kayak in the San Juans is a popular expedition

Multi-day kayaking trips can done as tours or self-guided, staying at Sucia or Jones Island state parks.

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Kayaking with orcas near Seattle, multi-day trips, kayak rentals in the San Juans and more