Best of Yellowstone National Park in 2 Days

easy plan to see the best of the best

Start with roadside Yellowstone geysers

Beryl Spring packs a big smell with beautiful color

Visit Artist Paint Pots for easy hiking and a look into another world within Yellowstone.

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the falls are perfect for lunch and easy hiking

Do Yellowstone's Norris Geyser Basin in the afternoon for wild landscapes and fewer visitors

End your first day in Yellowstone watching sunset on the Madison River

This 2 day Yellowstone Itinerary is flexible to weather and what sights you want more time for.

Begin day 2 in Yellowstone with Midway Geyser Basin

Do the Fairy Falls Hike for the Grand Prismatic Spring overlook

Enjoy the geysers at Old Faithful then tour the historic National Park lodge

Head to Yellowstone Lake to stroll the West Thumb geyser boardwalks

The color of the Black Pool is incredible

Take a detour to the little known Firehole Lake Drive

Watch for wildlife as you drive and hike. Elk, bison and bear are most active early and at sunset

Best of Yellowstone National Park in 2 Days

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