Travel Blogs to Inspire

Pacific Ocean longWriting a blog keeps you reading other peoples’ blogs, and there are some really wonderful ones out there from some really inspirational travelers.  Our favorite travel blogs to inspire are listed below.  Check them out, follow them, share them around!!


Bold Bloggers and Wanderers:

Journalist on the Run – Janet writes and travels, sharing tips for playing tourist, technology and blogging

TrippinTwins – Tara and Erica are based in the Deep South but explore into Yankee territory and beyond

Travel, Books, Food – Soumya is based in Bangalore, traveling to far off places while reading and dining

No Fixed Abode for Sue – Sue can’t sit still and shares her stories of living around the world

NonSoloAmore – Claudia has many loves beyond travel and combines them all for her international tales

Anti Travel Guides – Luke is the Backstreet Nomad, exploring the world’s backyards

Sid the Wanderer – Sid isn’t afraid to go places and shares both frank and fascinating stories

Kenton de Jong Travel – a wonderful collection articles spanning Canada, Europe and beyond


Couples Trotting the Globe:

Eiffel Tower longNomadic Boys – Stefan and Sebastien, eating their way through Asia and beyond.

Selims Raasta – The Selim family has been traveling the globe with their kids (much like us!)  Their adventures are different and inspiring!

Wandering Wagars – Kevin and Christina work full time and travel with their little one.  Sounds like us…

A Wanderlust for Life – Sean and Jessica, based out of Amsterdam , travel carry-on only to experience local cultures

Two Drifters – Amy and Nathan share not just their travels, but their relationship on the road

Drifter Planet – Sonal and Sandro, seeing the world together.

Fit Two Travel – Tip and Tara, married personal trainers on grand adventures

From Ice to Spice – Ása and Andri ventured out of the cold North to experience warmer weather and different cultures

Just Chasing Rabbits – Jenni and Mark go to the most interesting sights… without kids but approaching them with an attitude of fun!


Check out the different takes on world travel above.  If there’s another blog that we need to start reading, leave a comment or send us a message!