We’ve decided to expand our team, expand our site and expand our viewpoints! After a few years of just having the Taylor Dads sharing tips and stories of being a two-dad family, we’re really proud and excited to add to the team.  Let us introduce some really incredible, proud parents who will be sharing via 2TravelDads in the upcoming year:

BJ Barone & Frankie Nelson – Family Is About Love

B.J. and his husband Frankie reside in Toronto and are raising their little “Bubbaloo” Milo, who was born via gestational surrogate. B.J. and Frankie both enjoy doing community theatre, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and now getting to experience life through their little ones’ eyes!

After politicians in Europe were using their birth photo illegally for campaigns against surrogacy and same sex families, they decided to create their own website,, to show the world that all families are created differently, but they all have love to share with one another.

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Jon Bailey – 2 Dads With Baggage

2DadsWithBaggage follows two gay dads and their two teen daughters as they live, love and laugh their way through life. “Visiting other places around the globe helps us see the bigger picture: that our lives are part of a much greater community made up of people just like us, only completely different. The space between is what truly matters, and our little family enjoys the exploration.”

Jon has been writing for his entire career, and has been a travel correspondent for San Diego Magazine since 2014. He has been a Hilton Hotels brand ambassador since 2015, and is a guest contributor for a number of travel blogs and outlets.

Blog focus:  LGBT family living, travel, lifestyle, and parenting

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Andy LaBadie – West Seattle Dads

Andy grew up in Ohio and relocated to Seattle in 2013. He has a BS in Education and English, and MAEd in Educational Leadership.  He has worked as an elementary school teacher, a building principal, and in curriculum development at the district level. He is married to Dan, a Family Physician and is the proud “Papa” of twins Elcie and Calder. His interests include travel, hiking, reading, politics, and being active in the outdoors.

Recent family travels include the Hawaiian Islands, up and down the West Coast USA, touring the Midwest, checking out some incredible NPS sites in the Southwest, relaxing in Mexico and much more. Andy and Dan are a great example of Dads who have a healthy balance of time as a family and time away from kids, which is so important when it comes to keeping a relationship strong.

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Court King and Rafael Gondim – The Wind Expedition

Court and Rafael have over 20 years in combined experience in education, both having served in the Peace Corps. They are interested in sharing their love of travel and knowledge of education with a wide audience as they sail with their son on their catamaran from France, down the European coast, and beyond.

They say it best: “We long to renew our adventurous spirits, to spend time together as a family, to cultivate new friendships and to enjoy life. We look forward to exploring the world, learning with our son and creating a broader understanding of gay families. We seek a more sustainable, healthy and meaningful lifestyle.” Such great, bold goals to set sail with.

Primary focus:  Worldschooling and places worth visiting that broaden your child’s understanding of the world

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Rich Kocher – Ski Like a Dad

Rich is ½ of a Seattle based Dad team to an amazing little girl. He enjoys his free time skiing, snowboarding, running, surfing and exploring world with the family.  Rich joins our team to share a great Dad perspective on adventurous activities and destinations with young kids, as well as providing some great insight into dadding on the road.  If you’re in need of tips for family-friendly ski and outdoor ideas, Rich is the guy. Send us a note and we’ll be sure to get you some good info.

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Want to join our writing team?

If you’re a parent and a part of the LGBT community, we’d love to chat with you about joining our writing team. We’re all about sharing varied perspectives and representing the many faces of gay parents today.  For more information about being a part of 2TravelDads, check out our guidelines and submission suggestions and then send us a note!