Behind the Picture at Point No Point Lighthouse

The story behind the picture
:  we live in an amazing place called the Kitsap Peninsula.  It’s across the Puget Sound from Seattle and is just south of a major shipping lane.  It’s a place where you can watch small sailboats float by as three cruise ships barge through.  Because of the shipping lane, the Puget Sound area is filled with lighthouses.  Our favorite is our local one, the Point No Point Lighthouse.  It has been guiding ships since 1879.  It is the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound. And it’s realllllly cute because it’s so small.

Chris Taylor and LittleMan at Point No Point Lighthouse 1We visit the lighthouse every week.  Sometimes it’s open and we can go inside, but usually we just go and sit on the beach.  This beach is one of the best for seeing what the weather will do for the rest of the day.  The clouds float past across the water and circle down the east side of the Sound before hitting the south end (Tacoma/Olympia) and then turning back towards us.  This effect leaves the Point No Point area, and where we live just south, in a sweet spot of good weather.  When it’s raining in Seattle, we get to sit back and look at their downpour and take heart that the rain won’t be so bad when it finally gets to us.

In this picture, we got to the beach early to see what the day had in store.  It was the perfect combination of warm air and sea moisture.  It smelled exactly like the ocean should smell: like salt, kelp and whale breath.  The fog was thick enough to muffle the ship sounds, but thin enough to let the sun keep us warm.  Perfect beach day in Washington.

LittleMan Point No Point Lighthouse Beach with Driftwood


Point No Point Lighthouse 1Why do people like this picture:  the kid is cute.  ‘Nuff said.  Actually, it’s the composition of the image with the bright colors, the layers of fog, and the natural and architectural elements.  It’s just pleasing.  Also, I think everybody can relate to being a kid at the beach.  We’re so blessed to have a beach so close.

Fun fact:  Point No Point is where the treaty of the same name was signed in 1855, ending a major war between the invasive white men and the local tribes, Chimacum, Skokomish and S’Klallam.

Point No Point Lighthouse Keepers Quarters KitsapWant to visit?:  It’s an easy ferry ride to Kingston from Edmonds (25 minutes) and then a 20 minute drive to the lighthouse.  In Hansville (the tiny town) there aren’t many options for services, so plan appropriately.  Also, you can actually rent out the keepers quarters at the Point No Point Lighthouse.  Check it out here for reservations.  FYI:  on the weekends, there are a ton of visitors and fishermen, so don’t think this is going to be the quiet solitude of a secluded beach getaway.  Just an FYI.


Check out our video from a few different beach days here.  You can see how wonderful the changing weather and busy shipping lanes are.  It’s part of why we love it!


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  • Lara Dunning

    This is on my to visit list. That’s great you get to go here every week. Have you been to Admiralty Head Lighthouse?

    October 25, 2015 at 9:24 am

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